FormulaThoughts Podcast Season 2 Episode 6

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Join Aaron, Joe and Eric as they chat all things F1 and Monaco. They are joined by none other than Sarah from near the end of the show too.

They Chat:-

Nico Rosberg cleared of any wrong doing but that controversy really set tongues wagging

especially in the British press

‘Rosberg take controversial pole’ ‘Mercedes rivalry explodes’ ‘Angry Hamilton piles into Rosberg’ ‘Hamilton fury at Rosberg Pole’ ‘Pole-axed Hamilton team feud’ ‘Lewis in fury as Nico Nicks it’ ‘Mercedes braced for WAR’ ‘

*Eric should not spend more than 1 minute raging about the accusations and how BS they were… lol -Eric*

Pastor did not start

Lap1 Rosberg leads Vettel in P3 and Kimi up to 4th what a start, Perez spins as a result of a collision with Jenson

Lap 4 Vettel with Engine gremlins

Lap 26 Sutil does a David Coulthard

Lap 26 Safety Car, Why wasn’t Lewis pulled in the lap before?

Lap 27 JEV and KMag almost collide in the pits

Lap 28 Lewis team radio blaming the team for not calling him in

Lap 29 Kimi pits as the safety car is about to come in?

Lap 32 Hulk passes Magnusson on the inside of Poiter!

Lap 36 Bianchi passes Koby into Rascas hitting him 3 times!

Lap 52 JEV’s car sounds sick

Lap 57 Bottas stops at Lowes

Lap 59 Lewis dropping back something in his eye?

Lap 62 Estiban Clouts the wall at La Rascas

Lap 74 Kimi tries to do a Sutil at Lowes and fails, maybe tighten up the steering a bit next time yeah?

Eric is attending this years Canadian Grand Prix and will be providing, audio on a daily basis subscribe now to get this every day over the Grand Prix Weekend
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