FormulaThoughts Canada 1st Thoughts and 1 Question

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Hi everyone its Aaron from and the formulathoughts podcast and Welcome to Canada 1st thoughts, this is a quick 3 - 4 minute show that includes 2 immediate thoughts and 1 question I have for you. Share your answer to the question on twitter with the hashtag #FTF1Twit and your answers will be shared on the next FormulaThoughts Podcast.

Before we get started, I just wanted to say a big thank you to our North American correspondent Eric for his regular audio updates from the race weekend, if you have missed them, check them out, they are well worth a listen.

1. Mercedes really struggled in this race with Lewis Hamilton getting his 2nd DNF this season and Nico Rosberg finishing second, It has been confirmed that both cars had MGU-K failures meaning that they both were 160BHP down on the competition, Do I see this as an unexpected blip in their season? Yes, do I see them resolving the issue by Austria? Yes I do, It really was a shame for both of them as they were battling for a large portion of the race, Major props to Nico though for managing to hold of the advances of Ricciardo, Vettel and Sergio Perez for all but 2 laps.

2. Force India once again did what they usually do in Canada and went with just the one stop with both cars, meaning they were really mixing it with the big boys. It was a shame to see that Sergio was unable to get a podium for his efforts today after the collision with Felipe Massa into Turn 1, Both are OK

and Finally your Twitter poll question.

Q. With so many great drives to choose from, Who was your driver of the day?

Answer on twitter with the hashtag #FTF1Twit and get your answer on read out on the next FormulaThoughts Podcast which will be a complete debrief with Joe and Eric who incidently was at the race in Montreal, sometime later this week.

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