FormulaThoughts Podcast S03E06 #F1 Bahrain 2015

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Join Aaron and Joe as they dissect the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Ferrari switching the strategy for Kimi
Sainz tyre not on properly race over
Seb off in the last corner, damages nose, race ruined
Maldonaldo smoking Brakes in the pits, engine done another DNF or Him this season
Rosberg gifted Kimi P2? went wide in Turn 1
Bottas Beats Seb to P4
Renault loose another Engine over the Start/Finish straight Daniel Ricciardo
Both Mercedes Suffer Brake by wire issues.
A better performance from Rosberg in Bahrain? What will that do for his mentallity?
Will Ferrari sign up Kimi for 2016?
Disappointing Bahrain GP for McLaren, With Jenson not even starting the GP
Do you see McLarens performance turning around this year? Will they even be able to achieve a consistent points finish?
How much of a concern for McLaren is no constructor points so far this season?
We now expect Daniel Ricciardo to be using his 4Th engine of the year in Barcelona, do you see they free 5th engine coming in?
So a 3 Week break now what will the team be focusing on during this time?
Send us your answers to these questions either in text or via the voice recording option on the website via email to

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