2016 and taking stock

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So, as I take stock on what was probably the most productive 1st Winter test for all the teams this year. I find myself asking myself lots of questions about what is to come in this season and beyond.

Mercedes seam to be the leaders on laps lead and that is all anybody seams to care about. Questions around sandbagging on their part are ferocious on social media.

I understand that, reliability is important but, what about actual speed?

Now, if Mercedes are indeed 'sandbagging' then nothing is clear and yes I am aware that they didn't even bother the ultra softs. 

What, is interesting is that Ferrari seam to be, in my mind a very dark horse for the championship this year.

Now, I do hear a lot of you saying, Dark Horse? Well, yes. Of course the smart money, at the moment at least, seams to be on Mercedes. But, you want to go too far wrong with a bet on Ferrari for the world drivers championship especially Sebastian Vettel.

Why do I say this? Well, roll consistency for this year is key and as with most stagnant rules the teams that were further behind normally catch up. Needless to say, this year will be very interesting. I anticipate that it will go down to the last three races and Sebastian Vettel will be once again world drivers champion.

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