FormulaThoughts 1st Thoughts Bahrain 2014

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Hi everyone its Aaron from and the formulathoughts podcast and Welcome to Bahrain 1st thoughts, this is a quick 3 - 4 minute show that includes 2 immediate thoughts and 1 question I have for you. Share your answer to the question on twitter with the hashtag #FFF1Twit and your answers will be shared on the next formulathoughts podcast

1. F1 is boring in 2014, are you kidding me? If someone else says that then I have to say check out the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2014, wow what a race from start to finished with a deserved dominant victory from Lewis Hamilton.

2. Maldonaldo V Guiterez On Lap 41 Maldonaldo and Gutierez collided With Gutierez flipping completely in a massive incident, May 1st thoughts were Is he ok? and Thank heavens he climbed out of the car, 20 years ago it would have been a completly different story, so I commend F1 on the safety that has entered the sport. As for the who is to blame part of it, Estiban did not even know what was going on and Pastor put his front wing in a place it should not have been on cold tyres fresh from the pits. He got a 10 second stop and go penalty during the race, which was deserved, which leads me on to my question

Q How many penalty points would you give Pastor for the incident with Gutierez? answer on twitter with the hashtag FFF1Twit and get your answer on read out on the next FormulaThoughts Podcast which will be a complete debrief with Joe and Eric sometime this week
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