FormulaThoughts Podcast Season 2 Episode 4

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Join Aaron, Joe, Eric and a very special guest Sarah From As they dissect the 2014 Bahrain F1 Grand Prix

They Chat:-

F1 News Going into the weekend


Q1. JEV Bottoming out, and sparking along the main straight, Marcus Ericson with a massive lockup into turn 1. Williams didn’t leave the garage until 5 mins left, but when they come out Bottas went to P1, Romain Grosjean, kicks his team mate out of Q2. Sutil / Grosjean Blocking? Almost pushing Grosjean of the track completly

Q2. Vettel has problems with Downshift meaning he wound up in P11, Lotus do not managed to get into Q3 Hulkenberg does not get into Q3 and is soundly beaten by Perez for the 1st time this season

Q3 After the 1st runs Rosberg had the advantage, with Bottas showing nicely and Perez in 4th, Ricciardo goes of at the end of his fast lap on his 1st run, will he be allow to keep that if he doesn’t do another run? Lewis makes a mistake in Q1 gifting Nico Rosberg the pole, Daniel Ricciardo manages P3 but ends up behind Vet after his 10 place drop

The application of two penalties changes the starting grid for the 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix slightly, with 14 cars benefitting from Daniel Ricciardo and Adrian Sutil's misfortune. The Red Bull driver qualified third, but starts 13th thanks to a ten-place grid penalty from the Malaysian GP for an unsafe release from his pit box. Sutil meanwhile was given a five-place penalty for impeding Romain Grosjean during Q1 and will now start last.


900th gp

Sebastian starts on Hard, Alonso changes his Turbo under parc ferme

Lap 1

Wow what a start! Hamilton pips Rosberg to turn 1, Massa up to 3rd JEV with Puncture


Lap 5 Hulkenberg takes Alonso into turn 1 with a DRS pass

Lap 8 Sutil Changes tyres

Lap 9 Ricciardo gets it a little wrong into turn 1 and out brakes himself whilst fighting with kMag

Lap 10 Jenson and Perez pass Bottas, does he have a problem?

Lap 12 Perez and Massa fight for P3 and Perez takes it in a great duel

Lap 13 Sutil stops on turn 1 after an incident with Bianchi wow got a puncture

Lap 14 Vettel has no DRS

Lap 15 and the mercedes have 20 secs on the Perez wow


Lap 18 Rosberg and lewis fight for the lead

LAP 19 LAP OF THE RACE SO FAR, With Nico and Lewis Fighting and fighting for P1 Ends with Lewis pitting

Lap 24 Bottas Train, with Felipe, Hulk and Perez right behind him

Lap 26 Bottas pits and the force indias nearly collide into turn 3

Lap 27 Button calls in DRS is not working

Lap 28 Perez passes Massa, as does Hulk nice fighting

Lap 36 Ericsson Retires on the last corner.

Lap 38 Ferrari are nowhere, what has happened to them? being past left right and centre by Force India’s, Williams and now RBR

Lap 41 Maldonaldo and Gutierez collide this Gutierez flipping completely in a massive incident, SC

Lap 42 Kevin Magnusson retires, with a Clutch failure

Lap 46 “Lewis its Paddy can we please make sure that we bring both cars home please” “Nico its Paddy can we please make sure that we bring both cars home please”

Lap 47 SC in Back to Racing, Maldonaldo gets a 10 sec stop go pen for the collision with Gut,

Lap 48 Lewis says he has no power,

Lap 50 Red Bulls fight, waiting to hear the lets not be silly guys team radio

Lap 52 Lewis and Nico Fight for the lead

Lap 53 Nico out brakes himself takes the lead then looses it, Daniel Ricciardo takes Hulkenburg for P4

Lap 56 Jenson retires, McLaren double DNF, Massa and Vettel duke it out

Lap 57 Lewis Hamilton Wins the Grand Prix, Nico Rosberg P2 Sergio Perez P3


#FFF1Twit Out of the F1!

@SlvAaron #FFF1Twit 5 penalty points & a 10 place grid drop.

@jonesy_laaa: @SlvAaron #FFF1twit I'd give him a race ban. It's the only way he is gonna learn.

@lukasredl: @SlvAaron At least 5, 8 would be the best, it was VERY serious. #FFF1Twit

@SlvAaron #FFF1Twit Would give him at least 6 also RIC got 10 place drop for the pit incident & MAL only 5 for this?How does that make sense?

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