FormulaThoughts 1st Thoughts China 2014

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Hi everyone its Aaron from and the formulathoughts podcast and Welcome to China 1st thoughts, this is a quick 3 - 4 minute show that includes 2 immediate thoughts and 1 question I have for you. Share your answer to the question on twitter with the hashtag #FTF1Twit and your answers will be shared on the next formulathoughts podcast

1. China threw up few surprises, with a very strong Mercedes performance, as predicted. This car will only get stronger as the team work out any issues that the car may have. Will any other team be able to actually win a race this season, at this moment in time, I seriously doubt it.

2. The ferrari performance has improved, do we put that down to no Stefano? Well I don’t, I put that down to Fernando actually getting of his butt and performing, Someone in Maranello must have had a word in his ear after Bahrain.

and Finally your Twitter poll question.

Q. In your opinion, was the move that Massa made on Alonso going into turn 1 on lap 1 to aggressive? Answer on twitter with the hashtag #FTF1Twit and get your answer on read out on the next FormulaThoughts Podcast which will be a complete debrief with Joe and Eric sometime this week
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